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Congo Pointe Noire Red stem



Genetics: Congolese equatorial sativa
Sourced: Via Congoseedproject
Location: Near Nkayi
Vegetative: from 14 to 18 weeks
Flowering: from 12 to 18 weeks
Aromas: Spicy, citrus, minty, carrot, banana, mexican-tea (Dysphania ambrosioides)
Effects: Long powerful, long lasting, psychoactive.
Characteristics: Pest and humidity resistant. Red scarlet and dark purple stems

Congo Red Stem is a 100% sativa genetics with very pleasant spicy, citrus, minty and carrot aromas. It is a very vigorous sativa capable of reaching heights of up to 2.50 or even 3 meters in optimal conditions, the plants are very resistant to pests, humidity and diseases caused by such climatic conditions.

The vegetative stages goes on for a minimum of 14 weeks up to 18 weeks, during this time the plants form a beautiful and abundant intense olive green foliage composed of 3, 5 and 9 thin serrated leaflets with medium-sized leaves, internodal spaces of 5 to 15 cm and strong strong vigorous stems that vary in colour. Most of them are of a scarlet red, dark purple and some with olive green colours.

Both the foliage branches and the main stems are fragrant and emanate rich mentholated aromas. After growing for up to 18 weeks it stops its accelerated growth and starts a flowering from all its apical buds on branches and main stem in a very even way until ending in its lower branches.

12 to 18 weeks of flowering is how long it takes for this beautiful genetics to fully complete its flowering cycle. During the flowering time the plants will produce beautiful aerated flower clusters in all its branches forming a beautiful main and imposing bud that is very productive and likewise the lower branches form a large amount with tails full of airy flowers and with a beautiful quality, that is, they will have few leaves on their buds, which will facilitate the trimming for this genetics.

The flowers of these plants have wide calyxes at their base, they are elongated and with a medium-sized resin with a pleasant aroma of mint and spices. The flavor of these buds when sampled will stay in your mouth if you cure them for at least one month. Better longer if you have the chance.

The effects are powerful, psychoactive and can become lysergic. Definitely long-lasting. The plants are an excellent tool to create beautiful resistant genetics and with a great variety of smells and flavours.

Varietal type: Landrace
Gender: Regular
Flowering: >80 days
Yield: Medium
Height: Medium
Indoor / Outdoor:




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